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Hawaii Charities
When you purchase the Original Coupon Book, it generates donations for local charities.

Our vacation coupon books were founded with the mission to help local charities. This mission has carried us every year and continues to this day. Go to our Charities page to find out more information about local charities we support. Charities

Volume Orders

Want to order 10 or more coupon books for a large group?

Travel agents, tour operators and large groups save a bundle by using Original Coupon Books for their groups. We offer special pricing for volume orders of 10 books or more. For more information Contact Us. Contact Us


Looking for a fundraiser for your organization? The Original Coupon Book can help.

People love to purchase coupon books because it is easy to see the value. They save people thousands of dollars and are also make a great fundraising tool. To find out more information, go to our Fundraising page. Fundraising


Have a website? Sell our products and get commissions.


The Original Coupon Book loves to partner with affiliates. If your website is tourism, travel, Hawaii or simmilar; you may be a good match for our affiliate program. To find out more information go to our Affiliates page. Affiliates

Place Coupons

If you have an A-Rated business and like new customers, the Original Coupon Book is for you.

Companies do not pay to advertise in the Original Coupon Book. Instead, they are voted in by the vacationers. To learn more about our unique free advertising and how your business can benefit, see our Advertise page. Advertise