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Maui Art, Lahaina Art, Maui Art Gallery

Maui Hawaii is a showcase and "training ground" for local artists. LAS have been at the center of Lahaina and its art scene since November 14, 1967. It is now the oldest art gallery in one of the largest art markets in the USA. Since 1969, the Society has been located in the Old Lahaina Courthouse, an historic building in the center of Lahaina, down by the harbor. The building was constructed to form the seat of government for Maui, Hawaii, in 1859. Lahaina Arts Society is dedicated to arts education and Maui artists. Click To Find Our More

Maui Botanical Garden, Maui Gardens, Maui Botanical

Established in 1968 by Warren and Helen McCord as a display garden for Warren's landscape architecture business, this garden has evolved into a tourist destination that draws thousands of visitors every year. They continue to be an entirely family owned and operated business and take pride in sharing our garden with you. Click To Find Our More

Maui ATV, Maui ATV Tours, Maui Adventure

The ranch is located above the historic town of Lahaina on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. They offer exciting ATV tours as well as wet and wild waterslides. A perfect activity for the entire family. Kahoma Ranch is a popular Maui adventure and a unique experience like no other in the country. Enjoy a ride in your own dune buggy through an active cattle pasture on private dirt roads and trails inaccessible to the general public. Experience the unspoiled West Maui Mountains with breathtaking views of Lahaina Town, Kaanapali, Lana‘i and Moloka‘i. Click To Find Our More

Maui Horseback, Maui Horseback Riding, Maui Horseback Tours

Located high up the West Maui Mountains, above the West Maui resort areas, Ironwood Ranch is the perfect place to ride horses on Maui. As well as having access to some of Maui's most scenic and unspoiled riding areas, Ironwood Ranch has the best string of riding horses on Maui, with just the right horse for you! Click To Find Our More

Wailea Luau, Grand Luau, Grand Wailea Luau

Honua'ula takes us back to a time when the mighty seafaring Polynesians discovered this land of Hawaii, There after calling themselves Hawaiian. It touches upon the documented voyages of La'amaikahiki and Moikeha who first came to this sacred island we call Maui, specifically this area named Honua'ula. It speaks of gods and goddesses that watched over these courageous people and how they were able to co-exist and live in harmony. Click To Find Our More

Bike Haleakala, Haleakala Sunrise, Haleakala Bike Ride

Their Maui's most experienced most affordable downhill tour company. Home of the original freestyle Haleakala Downhill! They offer the freedom and independence of mountain biking at your own pace. No lines to follow, no timetable to keep. Click To Find Our More

Maui Scuba, Ed Robinson Diving, Maui Scuba Diving

Explore the breathtaking beauty and unique marine diversity of the ocean surrounding the beautiful Hawaiian Island of Maui. From experienced divers with thousands of dives to the oldest and youngest beginning snorkeler, they offer ocean activities that will meet or exceed your personal wishes and needs. Click To Find Our More

Maui Scuba Diving, Maui Scuba, Scuba Dive Maui - Extended Horizons

Extended Horizons operates Maui’s friendliest, most experienced, & caring scuba diving shop in Lahaina. Your best choice for diving on Maui and Lanai. Because our group sizes are small and our guides know more, see more, and will show you more we are consistently ranked as the top diving charter on Maui’s west side. Click To Find Our More

Maui Submarine, Maui Submarine Ride, Maui Submarine Tour - Atlantis Submarines

Marvel at Maui's unique underwater paradise aboard a high-tech 48-passenger submarine, as featured in National Geographic television specials. Guests view the unique fascinating natural coral reefs, fish and marine life in air-conditioned comfort and safety. NEW! Artificial Reef Added to Sub Tour Experience! Click To Find Our More

Maui Sailing, Maui Sailing Charters, Maui Sailing Tours - America II Performance Sailing

The trade winds make sailing in Hawaii truly world class. Try it from one of the world's fastest racing hulls. Feel the magic - the sun, the deep blue water, and the wind filling the sails. And the views are spectacular. Whales, dolphins and sea turtles love to dance around the boats! Dress to get wet, 'cause this is the real deal! Click To Find Our More

Maui Gallery, Maui Glass Art, Maui Glass - Akimbo Studios

Beginning kiln-formed glass classes are offered most days from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Classes are fun, engaging, and project based. Open studio, for those who have demonstrated basic skills, is available. Come in the studio and make some pieces using our equipment and kilns. Click To Find Our More

Maui Tours, Hawaii Tours - Akina Tours

Presently, Akina provides the most professional and reliable transportation service on the island of Maui. We offer private Ground Transportation to/from all locations, Unique Island Tours, Meet and Greet Services, Optional Activities, as well as Customized Tours and Events. Click To Find Our More

Maui Helicopter, Maui Helicopter Rides, Maui Helicopter Tours - Air Maui

Explore Maui's Hidden Interior Maui is a diverse landscape of dormant volcanoes, rugged lava flows, lush tropical rainforests and deep valleys full of cascading waterfalls. 75% of the island's land area is isolated and inaccessible due to extreme terrain and rainforests. With no roads and few trails, it is impossible to see this hidden interior landscape except by a Maui helicopter ride. Click To Find Our More

Hawaii Travel Deals & Discounts

Taking advantage of Hawaii journey low costs is definitely a terrific thing due to the fact it is very useful and valuable. In today's financial crisis, it is a very impractical thing to do spending a lot of money on Hawaii family vacation, but with the help of Hawaii journey deals, you get to spend some to relax, but without hurting your wallet. Now, how and where do you find Hawaii journey low costs? Click To Find Our More

Hawaii Deals For Your Travels

Some of Hawaii's best deals are available inform of tourism coupons such as the Oahu Card to help you cut cost on sight seeing. You can for instance save up to $179 in a Combo travel that will take you to hawaiian Waters Adventure Park, Bishop Museum, USS Arizona sound tour and USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park, Sea Life Park, Makani Catamaran Breakfast Sail, Hanauma Bay Snorkeling and hawaiian Ocean Surf Academy. This is a 3 days tour that is accommodative of two adults and two children at less than $700. visiting these places independent of Oahu Card can be double the price. Click To Find Our More

Coupons For Your Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii's Original Coupon Book: This perhaps the best of the resources of all the Hawaii coupons. The Hawaii Original Coupon Book is one that specializes in providing coupons for distinct places and occasions. The book has a whole lot of pages and a similarly large number of deals that are guaranteed to have you conserving thousands in Hawaii. Here are some of the outstanding features of the Hawaii coupon book. Click To Find Our More

Cheap Hawaii Travel

Getting a vacation in island Hawaii is among the best things you can experience. It is no longer difficult to book online or even getting reservations on a hotel you want to stay in. Options have been made broader and interesting. This simply means that with low-cost Hawaii travel, you have all the help you can get on getting your fun-filled and memorable island vacation. Click To Find Our More

Wailea Beaches - Maui

There are dozens of activities to take part in whether you wish to stay within the accommodation locale or enterprise into the rest of the county. The most popular past time is a walk along the beaches. They include Mokapu, Ulua, Wailea and Polo. partners can spend the evenings along the shores of the sea enjoying the sand, sun and water. Click To Find Our More

Paia Hotel - Maui Hawaii

There are many Paia resorts to choose from with great accommodations and facilities. Paia Inn resort is a charming hotel dubbed the "botique resort". Established in 1962 and newly renovated, it showcases large and stylish rooms and a chill outing patio. The miles stretch of beach is just steps away from this resort's doorstep, and guests even get access to private beaches. Get access to beach activites, water sports, kayaking, windbrowsing, kiteboarding, a physical fitness Middle and yoga classes. Click To Find Our More

The Maui Weather Forecast

The maui weather forecast is rather predictable, and long days of sunshine and rather mild temperatures make Maui an all-season destination.Most of the resorts parts are at sea level, with average tmperatures ranging from 75 to 85 degrees Farenheit, during the coldest months of December and January. During the hottest months of August and September, the temperature often reaches ninety degrees.Higher elevations may experience some cooler and someoccasions misty conditions, and it only freezes at the mountain tops. Click To Find Our More

Maui Cheap, Maui Deals, Maui Coupons

Maui's Original Coupon Book is also a great way to save money on your Maui Vacation. They have hundrends of Maui Coupons and in a very inexpensive coupon book. Click To Find Our More

Cheap Car Rental In Maui, Maui Car Rental, Car Rental Maui Airport

Getting your way around a vacationer destination is not easy if there is no reliable form of transport. Once you have arrived, you will start to experience niceness and advantage from the services of car rental Maui airport. At the airport, you will find a variety of car rental options that you can decide for. Click To Find Our More

Maui Hawaii Airport, Maui Airport, Maui Airport Code

The Maui Airport makes the visitors' experience rather enjoyable and easy by bringing useful solutions and services closer. Convenient services like banking services (including ATMs), healthcare services and Wi-Fi services make the visitors feel at home, away from home. The information desk is a resourceful place to start to find out all the fundamentals one needs to know about the island e.g. the Maui Airport Code, transportation, accommodation, landmark sites, rates and many more. Click To Find Our More

Lahaina Beach, Lahaina Maui, Lahaina Luau

Lahaina beaches are another tourist attraction of this Maui. It is made of uniquely designed hotels and cottages for a wide variety of purposes. Generally, the facilities suit the needs and services each beach resort is offering their guests and visitors. Let us take a tour around some of the famous beaches in Lahaina Maui. Click To Find Our More

Kihei Condo, Kihei Maui, Kihei Hawaii

Most people in the world love adventure and Kihei Hawaii is one of the diverse locations around the globe. One of the best spots that are known to great adventures is Maui Hawaii which is known to be the second largest islands in Hi. And the seventeenth largest island in the US. Kihei Maui is a place wherever you will enjoy the scenery, a legend as it was named with an ancient volcano and to see the amazing large valleys and the uniqueness of the place that you will never see it from other place of adventure. Click To Find Our More

Kahului Hawaii, Kahului Maui, Kahului Airport

Maui is Hawaii's second largest island with an area of 727 square miles, Kahului Maui being the largest census designated area. It has a wide ethnic mix from Caucasian to Japanese and even Filipino which shows just how welcoming the people of Maui are. Maui has more than 60 resorts and even more beaches. Maui records a large number of visitors annually, more than two million. Click To Find Our More

Hana Maui, Hana Highway, Road To Hana

Hana Maui is one of the many tourist spots is Hawaii. It is a 68-mile stretch road that connects Kahului with Hana in the eastern part of Maui. So, if you wish to shell out your summer time with your loved one or soon to be a special part of your life, this place can be considered for a romantic getaway. Click To Find Our More

Haleakala Sunrise, Haleakala, Haleakala Park

Haleakala is the best place to watch the sunrise. In fact, vacationers and even locals drive all the way to this part of Maui just to see the Haleakala sunrise. This is really an unforgettable experience. People who have witnessed this still keep returning back for more. The true wonders of the earth unveil right before your eyes when you watch the sun rise from this part of Maui Island. Click To Find Our More

Maui Kiteboarding, Paddle Board Maui, Maui Surf Lessons - Action Sports Maui

Maui’s premier location for exciting ocean sports like Kiteboarding, Surfing, Windsurfing and Standup Paddleboarding. Action Sports Maui is the center of Watersports Lessons and Ocean Sports Education, tours and adventures. Click To Find Our More

Maui Museum, Maui History, Maui Culture - Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum

Located next to Hawaii's largest working sugar factory in the historic plantation town of Puunene, Maui, the award-winning Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum is an amazing place of information and exhibits about one of the most significant and influential periods in Maui's history. The Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum has six exhibit rooms plus outdoor displays of plantation equipment. Click To Find Our More

Maui Lavender, Maui Lavender Farm, Maui Upcountry - Ali'i Kula Lavender

Ali'i Kula Lavender is the premier purveyor of unique, quality Lavender products on Maui and is a leader in promoting a health and wellness lifestyle. They produce products that enrich the quality of life by evoking joy, rejuvenation, comfort and serenity. Each product is carefully made using natural, botanical and organic ingredients as often as possible. As a lifestyle company we are animal and earth friendly and encourage our visitors and guests to do the same. Click To Find Our More

Cirque Polynesia, Cirque Hawaii, Cirque Polynesia Maui

The 60-minute show features some of the world’s best cirque artists from Mongolia, Chile, Peru, Brazil, the West and East Coast and our beautiful State of Hawaii. Performances include everything from aerial acrobatics 33-feet above ground, spine-bending contortion, rhythmic dance routines, traditional Hawaiian chants to tests of balance and conditioning that push the human body to its limits. Click To Find Our More