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MEveryone Wins
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Our company history.

2003 "Identifying The Problems"

Our founders began their quest for a solution to the problems they experienced while on a less than perfect family vacation. The problems are: traveling to vacation destinations is both expensive and risky. Since you are not familiar with the area, it is very difficult to discern which companies are highly rated and which ones are poorly rated.

2004 "Finding The Solution"

Original Coupon Book was born out of the idea of helping active vacationers find A-Rated companies along with getting the best coupon deals possible. A coupon book for travelers seemed to be a perfect solution as it creates a win-win-win situation.

Travelers win by getting great discounts to A-Rated Companies while on vacation and benefiting from our free services.

Local A-Rated companies win by getting free coupon advertising to active vacationers upon invitation.

Local Charities win as we use the funds from the proceeds to generate charitable contributions.

2005 "A-Rated Companies: The Search Begins"

We began searching for companies that provided the best experiences for our travelers. Which means we physically dined at the restaurants, experienced the whale watches and shopped at the stores. If we liked the company, we would invite them into the coupon book at no cost.

2006 Original Coupon Book "First Coupon Book Printed"

The first Oahu Original Coupon Book is printed.

2007 "Customers Begin Voting"

A-Rated Companies are now allowed to be voted in the books by customer comments.

2008 "Maui Coupon Book Printed"

The Maui Original Coupon Book is printed for the first time.

2009 "Outer Island Super Saver Coupon Books Printed"

The Kauai and Big Island Super Saver Coupon Books are printed for the first time.

2010 - 2012 "Coupon Books Expand"

Coupon Books continue to expand and gain worldwide popularity. Maui Coupon book grows to over 500 coupons.

Our Future Our Future

2013 & Beyond "Worldwide Expansion"

Even though we have come a long way since the early days, we recognize that we can always connect more vacationers with A-Rated companies and valuable coupons. Look for us when traveling to your favorite vacation destinations worldwide.